What's the difference between "simulate" and "predict" in lme4 (or in general in mixed-effect models)?

lme4 documentation only says:

Simulate: simulate responses from a "merMod" fitted model object.
Predict: a numeric vector of predicted values.

lme4 vignette says:

The fitted method retrieves fitted values that are conditional on all of the modes of the random effects; the predict method returns the same values by default, but also allows for predictions to be made conditional on different sets of random effects. For example, if the re.form argument is set to NULL (the default), then the predictions are conditional on all random effects in the model; if re.form is ~0 or NA, then the predictions are made at the population level (all random effect values set to zero).

But it's still not clear for me. Could anybody explain it with an equation or just better, please?

I guess one is the other plus a random error.

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