My company uses TFS to manage our Agile workflow. I would like to build a TFS query that will show which individual team members reduced the Remaining Work field on Tasks assigned to them. Alternatively (or in addition) I'd like to build a query to show which individual team members increased the Completed Work field on Tasks assigned to them. Is this possible in TFS?


I think that because you cannot have time based statements in your query (what was the Remaining Work yesterday, for example) you are not going to be able to compare a field from today with a field from yesterday. TFS simply does not have this capability (at least in the web access view).

  • Sadly, TFS is lacking in the ability to compare state from date to date, as you have said. I feel sorry for anyone who has to use it. Jira is an infinitely better choice. – zeeple May 4 '16 at 15:09

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