I have the same problem as many that my images are not resolved when I bundle my CSS-Stylesheets.

Now I found some SO-Answers that suggest using new CssRewriteUrlTransform() as second parameter for the "Include"-Method of a new StyleBundle-Object. This one for example

I'm using IncludeDirectory because I have a directory where I can add files without having them to register somewhere (and they are many files which I don't want to list). But IncludeDirectory doesn't have an override to pass a CssRewriteUrlTransform-Object:

Doesn't work: bundles.Add(new StyleBundle("~/bundles/css/directives").IncludeDirectory("~/app/directives", "*.css", true));

I also tried:

StyleBundle sb = new StyleBundle();
sb.Transforms.Add(new CssRewriteUrlTransform());

But Transforms are of Type IBundleTransform and I'm trying to pass an IItemTransform.

Any suggestions on how to do this?


As I didn't find a better answer, I'll post my solution (which feels more like a workaround):

public class BundleConfig {
    private class CssRewriteUrlTransformWrapper : IItemTransform {
        public string Process(string includedVirtualPath, string input) {
            //see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19765238/cssrewriteurltransform-with-or-without-virtual-directory
            return new CssRewriteUrlTransform().Process("~" + VirtualPathUtility.ToAbsolute(includedVirtualPath), input);

    private static string MakeVirtualPath(string fromPhysPath, string withVirtualPath) {
        var res = fromPhysPath.Replace("\\", "/");
        var idx = res.IndexOf(withVirtualPath.Replace("~", ""));
        res = "~" + res.Substring(idx);

        return res;

    private static StyleBundle CreateStyleBundleForDir(string virtualPath) {
        StyleBundle res = new StyleBundle(virtualPath + "/bundle");

        string[] cssFilesPhysical = Directory.GetFiles(HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(virtualPath), "*.css", SearchOption.AllDirectories);

        List<string> cssFilesVirtual = new List<string>();
        foreach (var file in cssFilesPhysical) {
            res.Include(MakeVirtualPath(file, virtualPath), new CssRewriteUrlTransformWrapper());

        return res;

    public static void RegisterBundles(BundleCollection bundles) {

I'm open for constructive citicism :)

  • If your images are in a static folder (say, Content > Images), your paths will resolve correctly with the default transforms if your CSS rules use an absolute path (something like /content/images/foo.png). – Tieson T. Mar 29 '16 at 7:31
  • @TiesonT. Thanks for your input. However, this is not correct: If you have a virtual application in IIS then "/" will point to the host, not the virtual application directory and absolute paths are broken as well. See the link I provided in the comment of the code. This person had the same problem and the answerer points to the solution above. – NoRyb Mar 29 '16 at 13:59

Add this extension method to BundleConfig and use it as

new StyleBundle("~/Bundles/all.css")
   .InclDir("~/WebResources/libref/minton/css", "*.css");


private static void InclDir(this StyleBundle bundles, string virtualPath, string pattern, bool includeSubDir = false)
    var vpath = virtualPath.TrimEnd('/');
    var ppath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(vpath);
    var files = Directory.GetFiles(ppath, pattern, includeSubDir ? SearchOption.AllDirectories : SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly);
    foreach (var file in files)
        var vfp = virtualPath + "/" + file.Substring(ppath.Length + 1).Replace("\\", "/");
        bundles.Include(vfp, new CssRewriteUrlTransform());

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