I'm having a problem with the numbering of the sections in latex.

I want the numbering of the chapters and sections to be as

1 first chapter

1.1 first section

1.2 second section

the problem is that the numbering of the section appears only in the first section and I have no idea why is this happening!

this is the code that I used.

\documentclass [a4paper,12pt]{report}
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % for numbering of pages
\renewcommand\thesection{\arabic{section}} % for the chapters numbering 

%1 inch from top, buttom and right side of the page and 1.5 inch from left side of the page







\setcounter{chapter}{1}% Not using chapters, but they're used in the counte


% this is the table of contents of the document 

\renewcommand*\contentsname{Table of Contents}

% this is the introduction chapter

\chapter*{\centering \vspace{80 mm} Chapter One: Introduction}
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{\numberline{}Chapter One: Introduction}%

 \setlength{\parindent}{5 ex} 
%write introduction here 

\section{Problem Definition}
%write Problem Definition here

\section{Aim and Objectives}
%write Aim and Objectives here 


%write Methodology here 

\section{Project Scope}

%write Project Scope here 

\section{Project Timeline}

%write Project Timeline  here 


%write Conclusion  here 


the table of contentes shows the numbring however the numbers appear only in the first section (introduction). how can I make the numbers appear in the other sections as well ?

enter image description here enter image description here


for some reason the following package and code affects the numbering of the section (I have no idea why is that happening). when I removed the following code the numbering of the sections appeared in the headings also.





now I need to find another way to change the font size of the headings. I would appreciate it if any one posts a better way to chanage the font size without using titlesec package.

  • I have just came across this and I can confirm that simply changing section headings with titlesec like this does affect section numbering – comodoro Oct 22 '18 at 8:29

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