We have several negative test cases that we run as part of our integration suite. These cases have a nasty habit of apparently tripping the hystrix circuit breaker and disabling servers that are delivering expected bad responses.

I'd like to configure the spring profile in Zuul to disable the circuit breaker in our test environment.

I had attempted to use

hystrix.command.default.circuitBreaker.enabled: false

It looks like it may work if I define this for each possible hystrix command key (which I haven't dug into how to find yet). Assuming this would be the correct configuration, is there a way to wildcard it, or otherwise just turn off hystrix for certain spring profiles?


I'm not familiar with Zuul but you can use Hystrix ConfigurationManager for tuning your parameters.

                    .setProperty("hystrix.command.default.circuitBreaker.enabled", false);

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