There are a lot of static website generators out there, but most of them seem rather text-oriented (to my knowledge). What are the best image gallery static website generators?

( Note: I realize that a more general form of this question has been already been asked. I think this question is different enough to stand on its own. )


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You definitely want to check sigal (demo). It is the cutest generator I've tried so far. It's also the most recent and up-to-date (inspired by pelican, the popular static blog engine - now powering kernel.org).

There is an extensive list here. Lazygal would be my second choice.


A relatively unknown gallery generator aimed mainly at photos can be fgallery (demo here). JavaScript only, but very stylish and simple. Doesn't support separate albums.


llgal turns a folder of images into a simple gallery site with one simple command: llgal.

It's very tweakable.

Some basic options to get started:

  • --title "My Holiday Pictures" sets the gallery title to "My Holiday Pictures".
  • --sx 800 and --sy 800 scales the each framed image to max 800 height or max 800 width, and links to the full image.

Putting it all together:

llgal --title "My Holiday Pictures" --sx 800 --sy 800

and you're done!


I found jAlbum to be quite nice. It allows to create static galleries, and users can pick between different skins (or create their own). jAlbum is written in Java and is available for download for a variety of platforms.


It's been a few years since I used it, but I found BINS did just what I wanted. Not sure if it's still maintained.


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