Couldn't find the simple solution on SO, so thought I would add this here for anyone looking in the future.

My symptom was that I could copy and paste within the IJ editor, but not from the editor to another application or from another app to the editor.

This was on Windows 10 with IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.6.


My solution (thanks to a similar issue reported with Android Studio) was to run IntelliJ as an admin.

Steps to always run IntelliJ in admin mode:

  1. Right-click on IntelliJ icon in start menu search (or wherever you started it) -> Open file location
  2. Right-click IntelliJ shortcut -> Open file location (yes, again to get to the .exe, not the shortcut.)
  3. Right-click idea.exe -> Properties
  4. Compatibility tab -> check Run this program as an Administrator
  5. Right-click idea64.exe -> Properties (if you run IntelliJ in 64 bit mode)
  6. Compatibility tab -> check Run this program as an Administrator
  • Solved it for me, but I'm a little concerned that I needed to give any application admin rights to use copy/paste functionality. It didn't feel comfortable opening up permissions like that. – Jeremy Aug 19 '16 at 9:33
  • @Jeremy I completely agree. This is definitely not an ideal solution, but it happens to work. This is a known bug in several flavors of IntelliJ. Last time I checked the issue, it sounded like they would be rolling out a fix in an upcoming build. – Jeff Neet Aug 22 '16 at 5:05

I have found the best solution yet (for me in any case). I have tried everything! Including adding and removing Keymap options. And this is actually where the problem lies...sort of.

When you have the Vim plugin installed, Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v is allocated to Vim.

To change that, go to Setting>>Other Settings>>Vim Emulation and set the Handler to IDE. Apply and OK, and Voila!

enter image description here


Same problem drove me completely insane but this https://www.quora.com/Why-doesnt-Ctrl+V-and-Ctrl+C-work-in-IntelliJ-IDEA-14-0-2-on-Linux worked for me:

You might try Ctrl+INS for copy and Shift+INS for paste and see if they work. They are the traditional cut and paste and have been around a lot longer than Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v.

i don't know why, but this worked!


Another solution i've found https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=173201 was:

Try to minimize Idea window and move it on the same monitor where is the code that you want to copy and paste it. After this small minimize and move exercise the clipboard starts working.

Ctrl-Shft-V starts working after this for me!!!!!

  • I have the same problem in WebStorm which is a related product. The problem appears intermittently, don't know why. What I've done is restart WebStorm and that seems to help but is very distracting for the flow of programming. – Panu Logic Aug 9 '18 at 18:26

To make copy/paste through shortcut keys working with Vim Plugin you need to change some settings of Intellij IDE's editor regarding vim emulation, you need to follow these steps for it:

  1. Click Menu File > Settings... (or use shortcut Ctrl + Alt + S)
  2. Select Editor -> Vim Emulation and find the shortcuts and change their Handler column value to IDE as shown in the screenshot below.

enter image description here

The Shortcuts will start working, happy coding :)


Try to enable "Use national layouts". Settings- Keymap.

For some reason it worked for me.


PyCharm - Setting>>Vim Emulation Set - Control + V/P/A to IDE

  • This answer adds nothing over the existing answers. – Miles Rout Nov 19 '19 at 0:48

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