I have a web service in C# that I have deployed on IIS 6.0. I want to view the data going out and coming to this web service.

I know about MS SOAP toolkit, but it seems to be deprecated by MS. Does anyone know about any other good tool other than MS soap toolkit. I cannot afford to spend money on any tool, so I need FREE tools if any.


You can use wireshark to analyze your network traffic.

And you can also use SoapUI to send SOAP Commands to your webservice.


It is not clear (to me) from your question, whether this is a one time debugging exercise you are after or a logging-style solution for your app.

For the former I use either TCPTrace (free) or HttpAnalyzer

  • Hi, It is a one time debugging exercise. I do not require any logging to be done from within the applicaiton. thanks
    – pradeeptp
    Dec 12 '08 at 9:01

You can use MS Fiddler or the MS Visual Round Trip Analyzer.

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