I have a loop similar to the following:

for time in ${seconds_list}; do
    echo "scale=2; (${cur_time}-${time})/3600" | bc

Of course, I could "echo" the results to a file and be done with it, but I think a more elegant approach would be to store all the for-loop results in one variable, that I could use at a later time. The variable containing all results would have to look something like this:


Is there an easy way in which I can achieve this?

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    What are you doing with this data? It sounds like you're trying to help us implement your solution rather than solve your underlying problem. That makes this an XY Problem. Sure, you can do this the way you're suggesting. Or other ways. But the best choice depends on details that are not (yet) in your question. – ghoti Mar 25 '16 at 16:32

It's really easy, you can just redirect the output of the whole loop to a variable (if you want to use just one variable as stated):

VARIABLE=$(for time in ...; do ...; done)

your example:

var=$(for time in ${seconds_list}; do
          echo "scale=2; (${cur_time}-${time})/3600" | bc

Just enclosing your code into $().

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    Thanks! Can't believe I did not think of that! – Tony Mar 25 '16 at 17:54
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    Spent forever looking for an answer like this. Thanks! – Josh B. Feb 20 at 20:48

Better to use a BASH array to store your results:


for time in ${seconds_list}; do
    results+=($(bc -l <<< "scale=2; ($cur_time-$time)/3600"))

# print the results:

printf "%s\n" "${results[@]}"
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    I prefer this version because, on another scenario, maybe you have stuff inside the loop you don't want to record in your variable. I like that this is inside and records that, specifically. Thanks! – msimmer92 Jan 10 at 14:22

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