I wrote some custom shader but don't want to loose all shading/lightning stuff that is in materials like phong or lambert. So I'm searching for a way to extend native materials. I suppose that for this purposes I can run THREE.ShaderMaterial with data from THREE.ShaderLib['lambert']. So this is how I do it:

class LandscapeMaterial extends THREE.ShaderMaterial{
        var getShader = function( shaderStr ) {
            return shaderStr.replace( /#include\s+\<(\S+)\>/gi, function( match, p1 ){
                var chunk = THREE.ShaderChunk[ p1 ];
                return chunk ? chunk : "";

        var lambertShader = THREE.ShaderLib['lambert'];

        var uniforms = lambertShader.uniforms;

        var params = {
            side: THREE.DoubleSide,
            uniforms: uniforms,
            vertexShader: getShader(lambertShader.vertexShader),
            fragmentShader: getShader(lambertShader.fragmentShader),

However this code trow an error: WebGL: INVALID_VALUE: uniform3fv: no array. How do I fix it?



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