From where can I download MAPI33.dll. I got the link http://www.mapi33.adexsolutions.com/ from a site but it seems this is not correct.


You can find an older version here:


The newest version must be bought.

I cite:

The following code samples might be obsolete. They might not work with current version of the mapi33 dll, though they will still work using the out-of-date (but quite well-working and free) version of the mapi33 dll included in the samples zip file.

To get up-to-date information about the mapi33 dll and to buy the most recent version, visit the mapi33 website at http://www.mapi33.adexsolutions.com/

The link to the company homepage seem to be outdated.

The samples link however is not. It can be found under section 4 there or as a direct link here:


I verified that the samples link was working when I wrote this.

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