I have found Struts Console Tool but its development stopped in 2004, so it works with Netbeans 3.2.

Is there a way to install it under Netbeans 6.5?

Are there any options to edit struts-config.xml above the XML level?


Netbeans supports automatic struts-config.xml modifications. For instance if you right click on your project and choose New/Struts Action Netbeans will not only create a new class, but it can also modify your struts-config.xml and add a new <action> tag. Of course it's not a complex GUI, but you don't have to manually edit struts-config.xml all the time.


You need a tool to write a very simple XML file? Especially when the IDE should offer you tag completion, member list assistance, etc, in the XML editor?

  • Of course I can live without it, but sometimes it would be useful. Another simple XML file, web.xml has nice graphical support in netbeans, so others also think it is not needless.
    – rics
    Dec 12 '08 at 10:59
  • I bet you could write an editor in a day. Excuse to learn SWT or JavaFX eh? ;)
    – JeeBee
    Dec 12 '08 at 11:52

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