I am using Django=1.5.4 and I have installed redis properly in ubuntu. I installed django-redis. But I get this error. I put 'redis_cache' in my django settings. But I got this error

ImportError: No module named redis_cache

What to do?

  • whats's the output of python2 -c "import redis_cache" – Ayush Mar 27 '16 at 19:03

You are supposed to add django_redis instead of redis_cache.

The documentation says:

if you are coming from django-redis < 3.8.x, you are probably using redis_cache. Since django-redis 3.8.x, redis_cache module is deprecated in favor to django_redis. The redis_cache module will be removed in 3.9.x versions.


Redis cache backend for Django

Run python setup.py install to install, or place django_redis on your Python path.

You can also install it with: pip install django-redis

  • Thanks! It works for me on python 3.6 and django 1.11 – F.Tamy Sep 11 '18 at 9:24

Use following command as available at this: pip install redis-simple-cache

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