I'm new to TDD. So any help would be appreciated. I'm using NUnit and Rhino mocks. How can I set the ID value to 1 in my mock object?

I had a look at this: http://www.iamnotmyself.com/2008/06/26/RhinoMocksAndReadOnlyPropertyInjectionPart2.aspx but the reflection doesn't seem to work against interfaces.

    public interface IBatchInfo
        int ID { get;}
        Branches Branch { get; set; }
        string Description { get; set; }                                

       public void PerFixtureSetup()

           _mocks = new MockRepository();
           _testRepository = _mocks.StrictMock<IOLERepository>();


            public void ItemsAreReturned()
                IBatchInfo aBatchItem=  _mocks.Stub<IBatchInfo>();

                aBatchItem.ID = 1; //fails because ID is a readonly property
                aBatchItem.Branch = Branches.Edinburgh;

                List<IBatchInfo> list = new List<IBatchInfo>();

                list.Add( aBatchItem);


                BatchList bf = new BatchList(_testRepository, "usercreated", (IDBUpdateNotifier)DBUpdateNotifier.Instance);
                List<Batch> listofBatch = bf.Items;

                Assert.AreEqual(1, listofBatch.Count);
                Assert.AreEqual(1, listofBatch[0].ID);
                Assert.AreEqual( Branches.Edinburgh,listofBatch[0].Branch);

Found the answer here http://haacked.com/archive/2007/05/04/setting-propertybehavior-on-all-properties-with-rhino-mocks.aspx.

Simple, instead of




Even better if using rhino mocks 3.5:

aBatch.Stub(x => x.ID).Return(0);
  • Thank you, that was just what I was looking for!
    – mxmissile
    Apr 9 '09 at 20:11

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