$("#bc [id$=_dropdownID]").change(function() {
    if (this.value == '2' || this.value == '3') {
        $("#bc .pnl").show();
    else {
        $("#bc .pnl").hide();

I have the following code in jQuery. Is there any way I can replace the hard coded constants 2 and 3 in the above code with a c# enum? Does jQuery support enums and if so how can this be achieved? Any suggestions welcome....


You would have to duplicate the enum in JavaScript like so:

var myEnum = {
         OneValue: 2,
         AnotherValue: 3

then you can use it like this:

this.value === myEnum.OneValue || this.value === myEnum.AnotherValue;

Im using this way: If you got a enum anywhere in your c# project like :

   public enum MyEnum
        One = 1,
        Two= 2

(Supposing you wanna use it your entire project) In your Shared.Layout.cshtml file , at first line put its reference like bellow

@using MyProject.NameSpace.MyEnum

Inside Layout.cshml, at section put something like bellow

  const myEnum = { 
    One : @Convert.ToInt16(MyProject.NameSpace.MyEnum.One),
    Two : @Convert.ToInt16(MyProject.NameSpace.MyEnum.Two)

In other places just compare something like

if(AnyValue == myEnum.One){

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