I want to write a script that will change the power settings for "turn off the display" and "put the computer to sleep" to "never" (see attached screenshot). I know how to set times for the above using:

powercfg -change -monitor-timeout-ac [time]
powercfg -change -monitor-timeout-dc [time]
powercfg -change -standby-timeout-ac [time]
powercfg -change -standby-timeout-dc [time]

but I can't find how to set it to "never".

what is the syntax I need to use?

thank you!

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Try this:

powercfg -change -monitor-timeout-ac 0

Per this, my favorite reference for missing help switch/parameter information: http://ss64.com/nt/powercfg.html

Setting any value to 0 will set the timeout=Never

Thanks to Cristian, official documentation with additional parameters is currently available here


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