I have an spring application which is serving APIs. Now want to develop a background job using the same spring context and I was planning to use jesque for that. I followed the jesque documentation for initializing the workers and enqueuing the jobs and its working fine.

  • The concern I have here is workers run as a thread in the same JVM as my main application whereas I wanted a worker to be a process in itself just like we have in resque for rails so that I can monitor and control it easily.

  • The other advantage will be that, whenever an application deploy/restart is in progress(ie. killing a JVM process and starting it again) the workers will not be killed at the same time and will keep processing the jobs. I should be able to restart them gracefully later on.

How can we start the jesque workers as a process?

  • I also need to run jesque threads as seperate process . Have you find any way with which we can achieve this ? – shashantrika May 2 at 6:56

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