I know this might sound extremely dumb, but I can't find the console application template in visual studio 2015. When installed I clicked on custom and selected everything so I wouldn't have to go through the hassle of adding files later on so of course I have visual c++ installed. But for some reason there's no console application template.

Any ideas? I'm using the community edition.

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It's located under Templates->Visual C++->Win32->Win32 Console Application.

If you cannot find it there, it probably means you did not install the Windows SDK. Go to the Control Panel->Programs and Features, select Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015, right click on it and select Change.

The SDK is hidden quite well in the list of installable features. You can find it under Windows and Web Development->Universal Windows App Development Tools. Make sure the Windows 10 SDK is selected. By default it's not and I tend to forget to check it when installing VS2015 because it's so damn well hidden.

SOLVED !!! it is generally with windows 10 or xp so when you go to visual c++ there is option of install windows support for ... and let it download bingo!! next time you can see it there

install these two

enter image description here

after installation

enter image description here

  • your suggestion solved my problem. – 007mrviper Nov 8 '17 at 4:28

I have same problem. This is the way of show before i fix it. with error

then check you have proper internet connection. net double click and install both. now you can create c++ project. This is new appearance..After solve problem

thank you.

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