I have found many posts and examples of using LINQ-syntax in Delphi Prism (Oxygene), but I have never found anything on LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework.

Is it possible to use LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework together with Prism? Where can I found such an example?

Olaf is giving an answer through his blog

The question is now if any visual tools and code generation is provided, or if everything must be done by hand...

Second update:
Olaf has answered the tool/code generation-question in a comment on his site:

The class designer is there, but there is no Pascal code gen. According to marc hoffman that is currently not on their list. For now you have to live with manual mapping. I guess, if you had Visual Studio (not just the VS shell), that you could add a C# library project to your solution, reference that from your Prism project. Then create the Table-Class mapping in the C# project using the visual designer.

Maybe somewhat ugly, but possibly the key to get the Designer + CodeGen integrated into Prism. Who cares what language is used for the mapping .

I will say this is a 1 - 0 to c# vs prism. If I did not care which language is used for the mapping - why should I care about which language is used for the rest?

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