i have created new module using below command

$ yo meanjs:crud-module <module-name>

but after it created module i am getting below error and my meanjs app is not running except showing white page with console error

rror: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: MenusProvider <- Menus
return new ErrorConstructor(message);

i am using below version of generator

-- generator-meanjs@0.4.4 

can anyone tel me what would be error.
my module name is customer

in client\config\customers.cliuent.config.js reemplace this line:

menuConfig.$inject = ['menuService'];

with this:

menuConfig.$inject = ['Menus'];

in client\config\customers.cliuent.config.js the yo package references the menuService as Menu. change the references to the correct object name and it will fix the problem.

This common problem is caused due to 2 reasons:-

1- The bower.json has not been updated properly, for this use-->>

$ bower update

2- As most devs have already mentioned verify if the in the source folder(eg:src)-->>

src/module/(your crud module filename)/client/config/codes.client.config

change the value of

menuConfig.$inject = ['menuService'];


menuConfig.$inject = ['Menus'];

Tried and tested .. so if you still face issue please share the error message.

When adding a new CRUD module to the default template the name of the menu is usually 'topbar' not 'Menus'. Try that and let me know.

I've encountered with the same issue. You should replace Menus with menuService in customers.client.config.js. So it will be like:

(function () {
  'use strict';


  menuConfig.$inject = ['menuService'];

  function menuConfig(menuService) {
    // Set top bar menu items
    menuService.addMenuItem('topbar', {
      title: 'Customers',
      state: 'customers',
      type: 'dropdown',
      roles: ['*']

    // Add the dropdown list item
    menuService.addSubMenuItem('topbar', 'customers', {
      title: 'List Customers',
      state: 'customers.list'

    // Add the dropdown create item
    menuService.addSubMenuItem('topbar', 'customers', {
      title: 'Create Customer',
      state: 'customers.create',
      roles: ['user']

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