I'm new to Apex and have just downloaded Eclipse to get to work

Eclipse SDK 3.3.2

I've followed the instructions on


and have added the Remote site:


but i get a dialog telling me

"No features found on the selected site(s). Choose a different site or site category"

Any ideas what i've done wrong??




Try that process from a clean eclipse install, and repeat the installation steps, making sure that before clicking on "Finish" you unselect the checkbox at the lower left: "Ignore features not applicable to this environment".

Also, check if http://www.adnsandbox.com/tools/ide/install/ is accessible from your workstation.


Please check your proxy setting by accessing "http://www.adnsandbox.com/tools/ide/install/" URL in any of browser and update proxy setting in eclipse.

  • Thanks, after investigation turns out WebSense blocked the request... Oh how I hate it! Thanks though
    – danswain
    Feb 19 '09 at 16:41

Force.com now has a standalone development environment that you don't need to download Eclipse for. Just putting it out there for people who stumble across this post.


Install the latest Eclipse Ganymede and try that. Another good news for you is, force.com is coming with Eclipse galileo plugin in coming release.

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