I'm trying to hide the wp-login.php on my site so I installed the plugin Rename wp-login.php, I renamed it as log-in. Now I want to redirect it to my custom login page so the default login form of wordpress is totally hidden. Is there a way to accomplish this? I have already tried a redirection plugin and the code below however it only supports the wp-login.php and not my new login url:

function redirect_login_page(){

// Store for checking if this page equals wp-login.php
$page_viewed = basename( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] );

// permalink to the custom login page
$login_page  = get_permalink( '10' );

if( $page_viewed == "wp-login.php" ) {
    wp_redirect( $login_page );

Is there a way to do this without actually altering the wordpress base files?


Try this

function custom_login(){
 global $pagenow;
 if( 'wp-login.php' == $pagenow ) {
  • You can also use the relative path: wp_redirect('/login') in my case. – Simon Berton Jun 20 at 13:48

Try This Out

// Hook the appropriate WordPress action
add_action('init', 'prevent_wp_login');

function prevent_wp_login() {
    // WP tracks the current page - global the variable to access it
    global $pagenow;
    // Check if a $_GET['action'] is set, and if so, load it into $action variable
    $action = (isset($_GET['action'])) ? $_GET['action'] : '';
    // Check if we're on the login page, and ensure the action is not 'logout'
    if( $pagenow == 'wp-login.php' && ( ! $action || ( $action && ! in_array($action, array('logout', 'lostpassword', 'rp', 'resetpass'))))) {
        // Load the home page url
        $page = get_bloginfo('url');
        // Redirect to the home page
        // Stop execution to prevent the page loading for any reason

You can achieve the results of accessing wordpress admin via custom admin login page using a plugin named All In One WP Security & Firewall.

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Your requirement:

This plugin has ability to hide admin login page. Rename your WordPress login page URL so that bots and hackers cannot access your real WordPress login URL. This feature allows you to change the default login page (wp-login.php) to something you configure.

For more features, refer plugin codex

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