I added new language to my website ar-AE if i want to access the Arabic website i will append "ar-AE" after the site URL :


But I want it to work with only /ar


how i can do that with sitecore ?

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Add ar as new Language instead of ar-AE. same as the default en or Danish language, da.


You need to create your own implementation of LinkProvider (to generate links with ar instead of ar-ae and your own implementation of LanguageResolver processor (to get the Language from the request).

  1. LinkProvider - create your own LinkProvider class inheriting from Sitecore.Links.LinkProvider class and override GetItemUrl method. Register it in the configuration instead of the default provider. More details here: Custom Link Provider for Sitecore

  2. LanguageResolver - create your own LanguageResolver class inheriting from HttpRequestProcessor and add it to httpRequestBegin pipeline after or instead of the original resolver. More details here: Overriding Sitecore's Logic to Determine the Context Language

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