I'm currently building AMIs via Packer without a problem, but I am baking the AWS credentials into my scripts which is not what I want. Reading the Packer documentation they specify that if no credentials are found it can use an AWS role.

I have created the policy and the role, but it's unclear to me how to tell Packer to use this role. Do I have to pass the ARN in as a variable?

Any thoughts?

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    packer.io/docs/builders/amazon.html Did you try this ? – Kush Vyas Mar 30 '16 at 14:31
  • I've read that page, but I don't want to specify any AWS credentials. I just want to use the role. I've found that you can pass iam_instance_profile to packer and set that to the role i've created. This works fine on the command line, but I'm trying to do this in Jenkins and I haven't figured out how to make them play nice. The Packer docs aren't clear on using iam_instance_profile. I had to dig through Github to find that. – David Ficociello Mar 30 '16 at 15:24

Roles only apply to instances running on AWS, and roles can only be applied when you create an instance (though you can change the permissions assigned to that role later).

So in this case, if you want to use roles for AMI creation, you will need to...

  1. Create a role with permissions (i.e. the ones detailed in the link Kush provided) to create AMIs
  2. Create an instance with that role
  3. Install Packer on that instance

Using that instance, then you can create AMI's without specifying any credentials.

  • reference IAM role: packer.io/docs/builders/… – Paweł Prażak Jan 5 '18 at 14:02
  • This is not true. Instance profiles (which have a role associated) only apply to instances running on EC2. It is possible for any AWS credentials from anywhere to assume a role as long as they have the iam:AssumeRole permissions to do so. Even roles can assume roles. – Mike Jan 31 at 18:46

If you'd like to set the IAM role that Packer uses during AMI creation from the command-line (e.g. from Jenkins), then you can use variables for doing so, e.g. using the following in your Packer script:

"variables": {
  "packer_profile": "packer",
"builders": [
    "type": "amazon-ebs",
    "iam_instance_profile": "{{user `packer_profile`}}",
"provisioners": [

So we provide a default "packer" value for our packer_profile variable. Then, when invoking Packer from the command-line in Jenkins, you override that default variable value using:

$ /path/to/packer -var packer_profile="MyNewProfileHere" ...

Hope this helps!

  • I think this is the right answer but you just need to change packer_role to packer_profile – Josh Edwards Aug 16 '18 at 13:48

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