I need to save a file of unknown size, potentially multiple gigabytes, in JS. The data source is a mediastream captured using mediarecorder.

In Chrome, this can be accomplished using the filesystem and filewriter apis with filesystem: urls by writing blob chunks to a fileentry as they are received, then setting a download link to the file url.

However, I cannot find a way to do this in Firefox or Edge (whenever it gets mediarecorder).

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This works for me in Firefox:

navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ video: true })
  .then(stream => record(stream, 5000)
    .then(recording => {
      video.src = link.href = URL.createObjectURL(new Blob(recording));
      link.download = "recording.webm";
      link.innerHTML = "Download blob";
      log("Playing "+ recording[0].type +" recording.");
    .catch(log).then(() => stop(stream)))

var record = (stream, ms) => {
  var rec = new MediaRecorder(stream), data = [];
  rec.ondataavailable = e => data.push(e.data);
  log(rec.state + " for "+ (ms / 1000) +" seconds...");
  var stopped = new Promise((r, e) => (rec.onstop = r, rec.onerror = e));
  return Promise.all([stopped, wait(ms).then(() => rec.stop())])
    .then(() => data);

var stop = stream => stream.getTracks().forEach(track => track.stop());
var wait = ms => new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms));
var log = msg => div.innerHTML += "<br>" + msg;
<video id="video" height="120" width="160" autoplay></video>
<a id="link"></a><br>
<div id="div"></div>

A user still has to click the download link. I haven't experimented with how large the file can get.

  • You set the file name to recording.blob but is this a video file. What is the file type and how do you play it back?
    – styfle
    Jul 22, 2016 at 0:58
  • 2
    @styfle After I run this snippet on OSX, ffmpeg says the downloaded file is a "matroska webm" media format file with a vp8, yuv420p, 640x480 video track inside. I've changed the extension in the example from .blob to .webm, and it plays fine for me as a file URL in Firefox and Chrome, e.g. file:///Users/Foo/recording.webm.
    – jib
    Jul 23, 2016 at 19:03

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