I'm just getting into TypeScript as I am learning Angular (2.0). I'm devising the best way to compile TypeScript and how to organize my project.

I am using atom-typescript for Atom to compile the ts files with a tsconfig file, but I'm curious if I should be using a gulp task instead since I will eventually want to concatenate and uglify the js output of the ts files. As far as I know, I cannot do this with the atom-typescript plugin. If I do start using a Gulp task, the sacrifice will be the code-hinting and feedback that atom-typescipt provides in the editor.

Or perhaps I should let the plugin do the transpiling and use gulp to uglify the resulting js. ???

Is there a happy-medium, best-practice way I should handle this?

Thanks! Matt

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Why not use both? You can use Atom to edit and compile your TypeScript and Gulp task to concatenate and uglify the resulting JavaScript. That's what I do and it works great. You get linting and instant compilation, but when you're ready for production you run your Gulp task.

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    Yeah, your instincts were right. Just use Gulp as much as you need it. It doesn't have to do everything.
    – rgvassar
    Mar 30, 2016 at 19:35

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