I want to send doSomething to the firstResponder, which could be any of several objects.

menuItem = NSMenuItem(title: "Do Something!",
                      action: Selector("doSomething"),
                      keyEquivalent: "")

I was using Selector("doSomething") prior to Swift 2.2. How do I do it now?


Create a protocol with the Selector doSomething and have all of your objects that can be first responders conform to it. Then implement the selector for your classes.

@objc protocol MyProtocol {
    func myCoolFuncThatManyObjectsRespondTo()

extension NSObject: MyProtocol {
    func myCoolFuncThatManyObjectsRespondTo() {

let menuItem = NSMenuItem(title: "Do Something!", action: #selector(MyProtocol.myCoolFuncThatManyObjectsRespondTo), keyEquivalent: "")

func doSomething() {}


func doSomething(arg: String) {}


func doSomething(arg: String, withSomething something: Int) {}


Note that the selected method must be bridged to Objective-C, so either MyClass should extend NSObject or add @objc annotation to the method.

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