I've been successful in creating various account authenticators / services each with their own preference.xml. These preferences are persistent but I do not know where on the phone they are stored. I've scoured the phone using adb but I can't seem to find a *.db or "shared_prefs" files that corresponds to the preferences for my particular accounts.

Anyone have experience with this?

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I wondered the same thing, as I was searching for where android stored the Bundle "extras" with the account.

It's in a SQLite database (you'll need to root your phone to extract and browse it):


You'll need to find your account for your app:

sqlite> select * from accounts;

Then use the id to find the extras:

sqlite> select * from extras where accounts_id = 24;

As far as I can tell, /data/system/users/0/accounts.db is not really used anymore on current android versions.

I found all my account data in /data/system_de/0/accounts_de.db.

Additionally quite a bit of google authentication info seems to be cached in /data/system_ce/0/accounts_ce.db


Most likely not, because normally you don't have to care about where android stores the shared preferences.


If you use a custom account preference activity, PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences() shows that the default preferences are stored in the preference folder for the application package. For example, if you have

    <manifest package="com.my.app.account" ... >

The settings are stored in


These results are from the Android 2.3 emulator.

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