I used to use Get-AzureWebsite -Name myportal to get PublishingPassword what I can use inside Visual Studio to publish the WebApp to the cloud.

But now I was assigned with a new azure subscription that is not seen with the old azure command set (i.e. Get-AzureSubscription).

However this subscription is visible by Get-AzureRmSubscription (with "Rm" keyword). But Get-AzureRmWebApp doesn't contain PublishingPassword property.

Is there any other way to get PublishingPassword with new command set (that contains "Rm").


The cmdlet you are looking for is Get-AzureRmWebAppPublishingProfile At the time I looked for a more direct method, but didn't turn one up. It is a little bit convoluted, but it works. (it doesn't actually write anything to file, but as I recall it choked if it wasn't included)

This is what I did with it...

function Get-FTPCredentials 
    $Xml = [xml](Get-AzureRmWebAppPublishingProfile -OutputFile test.xml -Format Ftp -ResourceGroupName $AppServiceResourceGroupName -Name $AppServiceWebAppName )
    $PublishProfile = $Xml.FirstChild.ChildNodes[1]   
    Write-Output ("FTP location is - " + $PublishProfile.publishUrl) 
    Write-Output ("FTP username is - " + $PublishProfile.userName)
    Write-Output ("FTP password is - " + $PublishProfile.userPWD)

    Write-Output ("Website URL is - " + $PublishProfile.destinationAppUrl)
  • A bit difficult to use (required OutputFile, what for...), but thx – andrew.fox Mar 31 '16 at 10:23
  • Someone might have a better solution yet, that worked for me though – Michael B Mar 31 '16 at 10:25

Quick flow to get publishing password (PublishingPassword) for a website in Azure published via Visual Studio - manually by using PowerShell console:

Add-AzureRmAccount -TenantId 12343048-34cb-4322-b413-7b408837xxxx

Get-AzureRmWebAppPublishingProfile -Name myPortal -OutputFile test.xml -ResourceGroupName MyResourcesTestGroup

First command sets login to required tenant (directory) (i.e. adds your azure account to PowerShell session). Second gets the website (webapp) objects and prints publishing data including password.

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