I am facing strange error with all "GET" Api's in Lollipop and above devices where as it works well with kitkat devices.Also all POST Api's are working fine.When ever I am requesting it fails with java.io.IOException: stream was reset: HTTP_1_1_REQUIRED'.


I had the very same problem as you, in my case the problem is with the SSL Cert of my local server that I use to test my App, so changing the base URL of the API to http://domain... instead of https://domain... solves my problem.

Now I need to figure out why my SSL Cert (Let's encrypt) in my local server (IIS) causes this problem in Android 5.0+.

I Hope this helps you to solve your problem, at least as a start point. Would be great if anyone else helps to solve the problem with the SSL Cert.


Perhaps you're requiring client certificates for specific resources? These are not supported in HTTP/2, as they require renegotiation after sending the connection prefix. The stream will be reset as a result, and the user-agent should retry with HTTP/1.1.

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