So my question is kind of a spin-off of this answer. I have a JSON response of

  "Key1": {...},
  "Key2": {...} 

and I would like to map it into an object. Since I can't make a wrapper object for what could be 100+ keys, I'd put it all in a Map.

This answer would be great, but I'm not using GSON and am having a hard time doing the same thing with Spring's RestTemplate. When I'd like to parse it to a map with an object as such:

Map<String, RequestObject> map = restTemplate.getForObject("https://example.com/request.json", Map.class);

My RequestObject becomes a LinkedHashMap instead. So map becomes a Map<String, LinkedHashMap>. Which in turn also seems to be holding more LinkedHashMaps. Will I be needing something more complicated like writing my own Jackson Deserializer?


Unlike in this question (possible duplicate), I do not wish to obtain a generic wrapper. The object will always be the same, but the key varies every time. If it were something as the following:


I could map it to:

class Sample{
    String key;
    CustomObject object;

class CustomObject{
    String id;

But since it's of the following form:


I'm not so sure how to map it into a useful representation of the objects represented by each key. (Id & Value here). I can't imagine needing to create a class for every key, so transforming it to a map seems a decent idea. This is not what this question describes.

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