Desired result can almost be reached, when overriding pagestyle "plain" and using documentclass article.


The problem I am facing no is that the headsep (space between header and table) is greater on the first page. This seems to be because of \maketitle. When removing


from the (default) pandoc template everything works as expected. Imho the same result should also be reachable (without editing the template) but using "title: false" in the yaml-header in my .rmd file. But the "\maketitle" command seems to be there anyways when looking at the generated .tex. Why is that?

Original Question:

I'm trying to turn off the titlepage when creating a pdf using knitr. The document contains a longtable with repeated headers.

I'm expecting a pdf, where all pages have header and footer Information (and headsep) as specified. In the running example below page 1 behaves differently. Attempt to disable titlepage was not successfull.


author: "Fabian"
output: pdf_document
documentclass: report 
classoption: notitlepage
  testParam: !r data.frame(a = 1:100, b = 2:101)

  \hypersetup{colorlinks = false}

  \geometry{a4paper, landscape, left = 13mm, right = 14mm, top = 5mm, bottom = 13mm, includeheadfoot}
  \headsep = 5mm


```{r setup, include = F}

```{r createLatexheader, eval = T, echo = F, results = "asis"}
header <- names(data)
latexHaeder <- paste0(paste0(header, collapse = " & "), " \\\\ \n")

```{r createLatexdata, eval = T, echo = F, results = "asis"}
data <- params$testParam
data[, ID := .I]
latexData <- data[, .(LATEX = paste0(.SD, collapse = " & ")), by = ID]$LATEX
latexData <- paste0(paste0(latexData, collapse = " \\\\ \n"), " \\\\ \n")
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    Try adding \AtBeginDocument{\let\maketitle\relax} as part of your header-includes. – Werner Apr 1 '16 at 21:38
  • @Werner that is the solution and should be accepted as the answer to that – pachamaltese Nov 21 '16 at 3:16

To turn \maketitle into a no-op, add the following to your header-includes:


Even if \maketitle is executed, this redefinition (delayed until \begin{document}) will do nothing.

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