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What is Context in Android?

Can anybody please tell me about the "context" term used in android. I wonder what exactly this means because this is something i used to see at lots of places.

I found it being a Class :- "Interface to global information about an application environment" but I am not quite clear regarding it still by now.

for Instance: public GetCurrentLocation(Context context) { this.context = context; }

Thanks, david

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I have answered it here

this.context = context is written confusingly. Another way to write the same:

public class LocationClass {

private Context context_belonging_to_class = null;

// ..

public GetCurrentLocation(Context context_from_call_entity) {
  context_belonging_to_class = context_from_calling_entity; // initializing context variable

// ..

  • Thanks for the answer, it helped me a bit to understand the context classes in a better way. – David Brown Sep 3 '10 at 13:03

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