Is there any way to use the SSTP protocol on iPhone for VPN connections?

After searching a bit I found out that SSTP is provided by Microsoft and used on Windows. However, there are some client applications for Mac OS X as well, like SoftEther VPN.

Can anyone please tell whether it is possible to use this protocol on iPhone or not?

  • I am also looking for one of these - in fact I am trying to make one of these myself. 443 port is being reserved by the iOS and it seems difficult to use it for SSTP. – James Wayne Sep 27 '16 at 19:49

I know this question is for long time ago, but i want to answer it for other people which see it.

IOS users can connect via SSTP using Cisco AnyConnect. You can find a good tutorial for it here.

  • Does not work for me - does not connect, can't figure out the reason from the log. VPN itself is OK - it gets me connected from Windows 10 PC. – Alexander Sep 14 '20 at 15:52
  • no it does not work – Alexei S Mar 30 at 6:58

I recently configured Softether VPN on my iPhone.

You can very well use SSTP protocol in iOS. You need to use the VPN Gate Public Relay Server. To configure a VPN connection in the iPhone, you need to go to:-

Settings-> General -> VPN

There you need to add a VPN configuration. Thereafter you need to provide set some settings viz. VPN Name, Location, DNS Hostname, IP addresses, Password, etc.

The following link can be useful.


  • have you tried softether azure with iPhone? – lisichka ggg Dec 29 '20 at 21:49
  • No, I have not used till now. – Vikas Dadhich Jan 7 at 5:37

There is a paid app called SSTP Connect now.


For the sake of saying, on Android, for our organization we have been using SSTP VPN Client (Google Play) and it has performed quite well for us. Again that's for Android and it runs great on my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge.

I am in hopes that moving forward Samsung will update the protocol on their phones in one of the next updates.

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