I am trying to implement BST in Julia, but I encountered problem when I call insert function. When I try to create new node, the structure stays unchanged.

My code:

type Node

function insert(key::Int64, node)
    if node == 0
        node = Node(key, 0, 0)
    elseif key < node.key
        insert(key, node.left)
    elseif key > node.key
        insert(key, node.right)

root = Node(0,0,0)

I also tried to change zero to nothing. Next version which I tried is with defined datatypes in Node, but when I try to call insert with nothing value(similar to C Null) it gave me error.

Thank for answer.

  • Not sure I understand the question - what exactly do you expect the insert function to do? Running your code returns Node(1,0,0) for the second to last line, and Node(2,0,0) for the last line, which seems to be correct?
    – Nils Gudat
    Apr 3, 2016 at 12:46
  • I'm not sure what BST is, but reading your code is what you're trying to do write a function that takes as input a node (with fields key, left and right) and a key, and then does either of two things: (i) if node is not defined, create a new Node instance with the key argument in its key field and zeros for left and right or (ii) if node exists, update the left or right field of it with the key argument to the function?
    – Nils Gudat
    Apr 3, 2016 at 13:06
  • BST stands for Binary Search Tree. Function inserts new nodes to structure. Zeros stands for nothing.
    – pavelf
    Apr 5, 2016 at 12:03

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The code has a number of issues. One is that it is not type stable, left and right could contain anything. The other is that setting the local variable node inside the insert function will not affect change anything. A stylistic issue, functions that modify their arguments generally have a ! as the last character in the name, such as insert!, push! setindex!.

I think the following should work:

type BST

BST(key::Int) = BST(key, Nullable{BST}(), Nullable{BST}())
BST() = BST(0)

function Base.push!(node::BST, key)
    if key < node.key
        if node.left.isnull
            node.left = BST(key)
            push!(node.left.value, key)
    elseif key > node.key
        if node.right.isnull
            node.right = BST(key)
            push!(node.right.value, key)

root = BST()
push!(root, 1)
push!(root, 2)

This version overloads the Julia push! function, and uses the Nullable type so that it can distinguish between a leaf node and where it needs to continue searching to find where to insert the key. This is a recursive definition, and is not optimized, it would be much faster to do it with loops instead of recursive.

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