I have a mysql database blog with 21 posts in it. I set $maxPerPage = '3'; So I get 7 pages, but from page 4 I get the following error:

OutOfRangeCurrentPageException: Page "4" does not exist. The currentPage must be inferior to "3"

Here's my code:

  public function indexAction($page)


$maxPerPage = '3';
$currentPage = $page;

$entityManager = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();
$queryBuilder = $entityManager->createQueryBuilder()
->select(array('u')) // string 'u' is converted to array internally
->from('AppBundle:Blog', 'u');
$adapter = new DoctrineORMAdapter($queryBuilder);
$pagerfanta = new Pagerfanta($adapter);
if (!$page) $currentPage = '1';
try  {
catch(NotValidCurrentPageException $e) {
  throw new NotFoundHttpException('Illegal page');
$pagerfanta->setMaxPerPage($maxPerPage); // 10 by default

//$textblog = $this->getDoctrine()

return $this->render('textblog/blog.html.twig',array('pagerfanta' => $pagerfanta));


Can anyone help please?


Stupid me...


This code should be before the 'if'

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