Say I have 2 columns: (this is extremely simplified)

  • Data = a number
  • Result = Data * 1.2

I can put B2 = A2*1.2, then drag and drop B2 down...
enter image description here
and it fills all the other cells, which is perfect.
enter image description here

But can I put this multiplier (1.2) somewhere as a "constant"? (for clarity and being easily editable)

Say I put it in E1, and set B2 = A2*E1.
Now I can't drag and drop anymore (because E1 becomes E2 E3 and so on)
enter image description here
In this example, is there a way to make E1 stay as you drag it down?

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Short answer

Use an absolute cell reference or a named range


Instead of E1, which is a relative cell reference, use $E$1 which is an absolute cell reference.

An alternative is to to assign a name to the cell E1, let say, "constant"

In the first case the formula will be


In the second case



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Can you try this in your formula?

Cell B2 type


Then there is no need to drag it down on column E, it will all follow E1. I believe this solves the problem.

If you really want to drag it down, then why not just put Cell E2


So that even when you drag, the value will remain 1.2

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