I'm using BEA's Publisher product with ALUI. I want to have a simple portlet that just displays Content Items that I've published, but after playing with it for a couple of hours, I find myself stuck.

I have a Data Entry template that just takes a name and a file, and a presentation template associated with that. But I can't figure out how to make the presentation template display a list of published content items associated with the Data Entry template.

I tried using the Tag Helper and I saw that the file properties were available, e.g. name, location, length, however I can't get the template to actually display the information.

Also, since I can't publish said presentation template (you aren't allowed to publish a presentation template associated with a data entry template), I have to make ANOTHER presentation template, and include the first one, and then make a new portlet that displays that second template. Is this how it's supposed to work? It seems awfully complicated for such a simple task.

I would greatly appreciate any input anyone can give. Thanks!


In case anyone else runs into this:



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