I am unable to launch swift terminal or unable to do swift build from any other directory (apart from ../swift/usr/bin ) in Ubuntu . When i am in swift folder (../swift/usr/bin) where i installed it, i am able to launch swift REPL but not from any other directory I even exported the bin path to environment variable

export PATH=/home/vinit/swift-2.2-SNAPSHOT-2016-02-24-a-ubuntu14.04/usr/bin:$PATH

I executed this command from bin directory. And checked it with

echo $PATH

I was getting


but when i executed the same (echo $PATH) from other directory , i am not getting swift in environment variable. Thanks in advance.


For the swift entry in PATH to disappear, I am guessing that you restarted the terminal after you exported PATH or had more than one terminal open at a time, and tried to work simultaneously. Try putting the export command in the .bashrc file in your home folder and open a new terminal.

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