I spend some time editing configurations in .htaccess files across several projects in Eclipse. How would I go about telling Eclipse to auto color this file in a similar fashion as shell scripts or HTML?


I found using the "Properties File Editor" seems to give a decent color output. It's actually for Java files, so it comes with a stock Eclipse.

In Preferences, "General" -> "Content Types" -> "Text" -> "Java Properties File" click "Add..." button, enter ".htaccess", click "OK".

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    I also had to change: Preferences -> General -> Editors -> File Associations to tell .htaccess files to open up with the Java Editor by default as the colour coding was applied otherwise.
    – Ric
    Aug 4 '11 at 9:35
  • This works great for a lot of other editors too, like Super Neutron Drive!
    – Ahi Tuna
    Mar 10 '17 at 19:22

You could use the ColorEditor from Gstaff, in order to define your own syntax coloring.


One thing that would work for sure is write your own plugin for .htaccess files. But if you've never done that before it will take a bit of time to get into. There are plenty of tutorials available online, though. See here for an example.

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