I am writing some tests with espresso. I want to click on checkbox and checked it with test. But I can't. I tried with ıd and contentdescription. Espresso found views but can't perform.

  onView(withContentDescription("register check box 1"))

I got that error.

android.support.test.espresso.PerformException: Error performing 'sıngle click' on view 'with content description: is "register check box 1"'.
at android.support.test.espresso.PerformException$Builder.build(PerformException.java:83)
at android.support.test.espresso.base.DefaultFailureHandler.getUserFriendlyError(DefaultFailureHandler.java:70)
at android.support.test.espresso.base.DefaultFailureHandler.handle(DefaultFailureHandler.java:53)
at android.support.test.espresso.ViewInteraction.runSynchronouslyOnUiThread(ViewInteraction.java:184)
at android.support.test.espresso.ViewInteraction.doPerform(ViewInteraction.java:115)
at android.support.test.espresso.ViewInteraction.perform(ViewInteraction.java:87)
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    You can answer your own question. Please, post an answer and then accept it. Because you solution is not easy to see. Thanks. – Andrii Abramov Nov 21 '16 at 17:17
  • Ok ı will do it. – Selim YILDIZ Nov 21 '16 at 17:25
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I found the solution. In my view xml checkbox has that line android:layout_marginLeft="-5dp". I remove it and works perfectly. But I can't understand the reason.

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