I have an Azure project in my solution for my web service. I have 3 Visual Studio configurations, Debug, Release1 and Release2. I would like to configure both Release1 and Release2 for cloud deployment but with slightly different configurations (for example Release1 is https, but Release2 is pure http.)

I know I can create multiple deployment profiles (.azurePubxml) but as far as I see even I could have 100s of them, I only can refer only 2 service configuration from them: Local or Cloud



How can I have 3 different service configurations (.cscfg) for my 3 VS configurartions and 3 deployment profiles?

enter image description here


Assuming your question is about multiple configurations for your cloud service, yes it is possible.

Right click on the Cloud Service project and then select Manage Configurations....

enter image description here

You can copy an existing configuration to create a new one (for example, I copied Local configuration to create a Staging configuration).

enter image description here

As a result of this, I now have 3 cloud configuration files in my cloud project:

enter image description here

and when I go an manually package the file, I see three configuration options:

enter image description here

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