I've read many, many topics about the hassle with multiple font-styles/faces when using wkhtmltopdf.

We are currently experiencing problems when using Nunito (provided by Google webfonts) in regular style and bold style on the same page. We have tried many (possible) solutions, but none of them has given us a solution yet.

We tried the following solutions, but no one succeeded yet:

All the above methods did not work. The browser does render it correctly, but wkhtmltopdf seems to be rendering it different.

We have published a few testcase's on: http://bannes.nl/fonts

If anyone has a suggestion on how to fix this, please let me know. In case you are using mac and have installed wkhtmltopdf, please feel free to test the cases on http://bannes.nl/fonts. I have included the output PDF for every testcase in their directory.

Hope someone has got a suggestion on how to fix this!

Best regards,


  • I tried your samples. All are rendered ok except the output pdf format. nubito is rendered ok in both html and pdf. I use WKHTML2PDF to parse bootstrap 3 modals and it works great. – cpugourou Apr 13 '16 at 0:53
  • Thanks for trying, yes the examples are rendering correctly in most common browsers.. Though I still can't explain why WKHTML is struggling with these fonts (ie Nunito). – user2191227 Apr 13 '16 at 8:14
  • Make sure the custom font link is in the head – cpugourou Apr 14 '16 at 0:13
  • What do you mean exactly? In the examples the custom font is in the head? – user2191227 Apr 14 '16 at 13:10

I have spent many hours on this same problem trying to get multiple Gotham faces to work together, and was able to resolve the issue. What I have found is that many TTF/OTF fonts that are part of a collection contain a field called "Preferred Family" in the TTF Names table. The value of this field will be the generic collection name, like "Gotham" in all of the font files. So the actual "Family Name" may be unique, for instance "Gotham Book" or "Gotham Light", but the "Preferred Family" will be common among all of the files.

FontForge TTF Names

If you inspect the installed font with something like fc-list on Linux, you will see that there are two family names for the font:

Two Family Names

Herein lies the problem. When multiple faces in the same family are used in the same PDF, wkhtmltopdf (not sure if this is a webkit thing or a QT thing) seems to choose only one of the fonts in the "Preferred Family" and use it to render all of the text that should be displayed by different fonts within that group.

Luckily, you can delete the "Preferred Family" field from the font files entirely using a tool like FontForge. I did this for all of the variants of the Gotham family that I needed and reinstalled them, which resolved the double family name problem:

One family name

This allowed wkhtmltopdf to render all of the font faces correctly on my system.

  • great answer - very detailed! – user1914292 Sep 6 '17 at 9:14
  • Use this similar utility, backed by more developers: https://github.com/plessl/wkpdf
  • if that does not work for you, check that you have the latest version of wkhtmltopdf

If the above does not work at all, you may try a different command line utility, or a robust solution like: "LaTeX": https://www.latex-project.org/

  • I see WKPDF is no longer maintained. When I try to install it, I get the error: ERROR: Could not find a valid gem 'wkpdf' (>= 0) in any repository I am preferably looking for a solution using wkhtmlpdf, since the rendering of the PDFs should remain exactly the same (except for the fonts ofcourse). – user2191227 Apr 13 '16 at 12:12
  • hmm.. have a look around on the net, I'm sure you'll be able to find it somewhere. Sorry about your tribulations though, I hope this answer was at least helpful as you can try a different utility, or LaTeX. -remember to mark/vote answers accordingly, thanks – argon Apr 13 '16 at 12:18
  • I would try another library if it was comparable to wkhtmltopdf's abilities. There's a lot of content processing done by wkhtmltopdf which another library should be able to adopt, I'm afraid most libraries will render the pages differently. Thanks for your time though! – user2191227 Apr 14 '16 at 13:12

Why not change lib ?

I used wkhtmltopdf but I found the inner peace with TCPDF

I printed an HTML page doing this

// set font
$pdf->SetFont('itclegacysansltmedium', '', 12);
// add a page

// set some text to print
$html = ob_get_clean();
$pdf->writeHTML($html, true, false, true, false, '');

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