I have a clouds group that will spawn two clouds. Every 10 seconds I want to kill those clouds and spawn two more clouds. Can you kill all elements of a group at once?

var clouds;
var start = new Date();
var count = 0;

function preload(){
     game.load.image('cloud', 'assets/cloud.png');

function create(){
     clouds = game.add.group();

function update(){
     if(count < 10){

function createCloud(){
     var elapsed = new Date() - start;

     if(elapsed > 10000){
       var locationCount = 0;
       //Here is where I'm pretty sure I need to
       //kill all entities in the cloud group here before I make new clouds
       while(locationCount < 2){
             //for the example let's say I have a random number
             //between 1 and 3 stored in randomNumber

function placeCloud(location){
     if(location == 1){
         var cloud = clouds.create(170.5, 200, 'cloud');
     }else if(location == 2){
         var cloud = clouds.create(511.5, 200, 'cloud');
         var cloud = clouds.create(852.5, 200, 'cloud');

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You should be able to do one of the following to kill all the elements in a group:

clouds.forEach(function (c) { c.kill(); });

forEach() documentation. Or perhaps better, forEachAlive().


callAll() documentation.

However, I wonder if you may want to look at using an object pool for this instead, as I believe that you may have garbage collection issues if you use your current method for an extended period of time.

The official Coding Tips 7 has some information on using pools (in their case for bullets).

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