How would I close a tab based on it's title using WWW::Mechanize::Firefox?

Here is what I currently have:

my $ff = Firefox::Application->new();
my @tab_info = $ff->openTabs();
foreach my $tab (@tab_info) {
    if($tab->{title} eq "TITLE HERE") {

The documentation for closeTab() just says 'Close the Given Tab' with no information on what the given tab is


It is $ff->closeTab($tab->{tab}). See the Cookbook, for example. A complete program:

use WWW::Mechanize::Firefox;    
my $ff = Firefox::Application->new();

my $title_to_close = "Title of the page to close ...";

# This will pull in all currently opened tabs   
my @tabs = $ff->openTabs();

foreach my $tab (@tabs) {
    if ($tab->{title} =~ /$title_to_close/) {
        print "Close tab: $tab->{title}";

More concisely:

$ff->closeTab($_->{tab}) for grep { $_->{title} eq 'TITLE HERE' } $ff->openTabs;

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