I've got Intellij 15.0.5 and I cannot get rid of this error

object index is not a member of package views.

I've created a new play project in Intellij and also using the activator command

activator new PlayTestProject

But I keep getting the above error. I've read all the other similar question on SO but none of them helped and I've tried the following

  1. Right click the project -> Add framework support -> select "Play 2"

Result: I didn't see any change to my project. When I hit OK, the window disappears but if I try the same the second time. Nothing happens and the window is still there!

  1. Preferences -> Languages & Frameworks -> Play2 -> select "Use Play 2 compiler for this project"

Result: I get this error

Error:Module 'client' production: java.lang.NullPointerException

I've tried

  • invalidate cache & restart
  • sbt clean
  • checkout a fresh new project

But I keep getting the same error in Intellij.

Running sbt compile on command line runs the build successful. But Intellij keeps shows me the above error.

How do I fix this ?


Alright if anyone is running into the same problem. The fix was to mark the following two directories as Sources Roots in Intellij.

  • /target/twirl/main
  • /target/routes


  1. Right click the target folder -> Mark directory as -> Cancel exclusion (If you don't see Cancel exclusion do the next step.
  2. Right click the target/scala-2.11/twirl/main folder -> Mark directory as -> Sources Root
  3. Right click the target/scala-2.11/routes folder -> Mark directory as -> Sources Root
  4. Right click the project Open module settings -> Sources -> and remove the above two directories if there are added in the Excluded folder's section.

This fixed my problem.

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    I had a similar issue. I could run a play 2 app configuration from IntelliJ just fine, but building, or doing any SBT tasks, gave an error like that. Following these steps, removed the error, and made sbt:run available, and working. I can now rebuild, and run my application with sbt tasks from IntelliJ – Martin Hansen May 13 '16 at 11:32
  • While this does remove the error, I don't think it actually is a solution. After doing this, IntelliJ navigates the index method to the compiled class in target instead to the actual template. – David Lukac Oct 9 '16 at 17:12
  • Some classes are created when you run the project, try to rebuild your project and run again. – lucasddaniel Dec 31 '16 at 19:22

I found this problem and it appeared to be caused by an incomplete compile within sbt. (I had done "sbt clean ; sbt compile" but then aborted the compile with Ctrl+C because it had a error.)

Intellij worked correctly again after I ran:

sbt clean

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  • For me, the solution was to acutally build the project on the command line (sbt compile). This created the necessary target/scala-x.xx/twirl directory which was then correctly interpreted by IntelliJ. – Cedric Reichenbach Jun 5 at 13:38

Just remove the @() from top of index.scala.html because there are no parameters.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

And in Action you have

def index = Action {
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After removing the .idea/ folder, I could successfully re-open/import my project, and the errors were gone.

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I had a similar error and just had to run npm install to fetch the necessary dependencies. Listing it here in case anyone has the same issue.

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