I am currently trying to retrieve a file from an FTP-Server in order to make it accessible for the user to download. ftp_get() writes it to a path on the local machine, yes, but what I want is that it also shows up in the download history and counts as "normal" download from the internet but I didn't figure out how to do this yet. I also tried to link directly to the file in PHP with header("Location: ftp://username:[email protected]/myfile.file") but this was resulting in the browser showing the files contents (which I didn't want). Did I miss any header-Parameters ? Or is there a completely different way to do this ?

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You won't be able to "redirect" a user to a file so he can download it using FTP. This is a HTTP-thing. Browsers provides FTP features and make it look like HTTP but, in fact, those are different stuff.

If this file is only accessible through FTP and it is on a remote server, the only way I can imagine so you cand 'redirect' this download to the user is:

Hope it helps.

  • Worked perfectly! Thanks! :)
    – njoye
    Apr 6, 2016 at 19:20

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