So what I have this two rdds which look like the following:

rdd1: [([1, 2], 0), ([2, 4], 1)]
rdd2: [([2, 4], 0), ([1, 2], 1)]

What I need is a list which indicates the indexes of rdd1 elements in rdd2. so it would be something like this:


I know that I can find one specific element index using filter and lambda function but finding the whole thing is a different story. The naive approach top of my head is using a for loop which I am sure is not the best way of handling this problem. Any help would be much appreciated.



First you'll have to make keys hashable so these can be compared in a distributed way. Lets create a small helper

def tupelize_keys(kv):
    k, v = kv
    return tuple(k), v

rdd1H = sc.parallelize([
    ([1, 2], 0), ([2, 4], 1), ([9, 9], 3)

rdd2H = sc.parallelize([
    ([2, 4], 0), ([1, 2], 1), ([1, 2], 3)

All what is left is a simple outer join:

## [(0, 1), (0, 3), (1, 0), (3, None)]

Please note that this is a multimap and the order is not preserved.

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