var string = 'Animation/rawr/javascript.js'

//expected output 
// ['Animation/', 'rawr/', 'javascript.js']

I'm having trouble splitting this string properly. Can I get some help on this?



You can do it with a regular expression using ''.match() instead of split:

var str = 'Animation/rawr/javascript.js';
var tokens = str.match(/[^\/]+\/?|\//g);

The first part [^\/]+\/? matches as many non forward slashes it can optionally followed by a /. The second part \/ (after the or: |) matches a lone forward slash.


If you want to split it, you have to add the "/"
afterwards. But the more efficient way would be a regex.

Split and add "/" afterwards:

var string = 'Animation/rawr/javascript.js';
var arr = string.split("/");

arr.forEach(function(e, i, a) {
  a[--i] += "/";


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