I saw that FFmpeg can merge/blend two videos with alpha channel and can encode video with alpha channel using the qtrle codec, but, It is possible to apply a PNG file mask, either a black and white or a PNG with an alpha channel to a video in order to have a video with the alpha channel of the PNG applied?

Here is the concept in images

Original video: Original video

PNG file with alpha channel, the "mask": PNG file with alpha channel

And the result: Result

Or even a black and white image as a mask for alpha channel: bnw image

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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Use the alphaextract and alphamerge filters:

ffmpeg -i video -vf "movie='image',alphaextract[a];[in][a]alphamerge" -c:v qtrle output.mov
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    Thank you, it worked for one frame, but your settings give me the understanding, so here is the command that worked: ffmpeg -y -i input.mp4 -loop 1 -i mask_with_alpha.png -filter_complex "[1:v]alphaextract[alf];[0:v][alf]alphamerge" -c:v qtrle -an output.mov Apr 7, 2016 at 7:12
  • Hi. I asked a similar question here: stackoverflow.com/questions/38951088/… What is the programmatic way to do this ?
    – Mic
    Aug 15, 2016 at 11:55
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    Did you use the mask file or the black and white file , I couldnt quite get the output you have got
    – Jeffin
    Jul 8, 2017 at 12:54
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    I was attempting to mask off an already-transparant video, and it required blending together alpha channels. Adding another alphaextract filter and setting a blend filter to darken did the trick: -filter_complex "[1:v]alphaextract[alf];[0:v]alphaextract[oalf];[alf][oalf]blend=all_mode=darken[res];[0:v][res]alphamerge" Doing this removes the need for -loop 1 on the input.
    – Tyzoid
    Jun 19, 2020 at 22:42
  • How to do the same just for single image?
    – pete
    Jun 4 at 4:31

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